Why NOW?

Why Sell with NOW Real Estate?

The Real Estate industry has changed… and not a moment too soon!  We're not talking about the market… but instead the typical “sales person”.

It seems as soon as the market got tough, a lot of agents got going!

What they didn’t realise is real estate is not about making money (there are much easier jobs than this if it was!)… It’s about creating relationships, showing genuine empathy and in a nut shell… finding the right person for a property. This isn’t a property industry… it’s a people industry!

Where we differ is our attitude to work and our promise to you. See, we believe “treat others how we would like to be treated”. And we feel the better for it.

When you list your property for sale with NOW Real Estate, we will........

  • ALWAYS listen to and acknowledge your thoughts, views and opinions
  • ALWAYS answer any question you have (no matter how silly you feel it might be)
  • ALWAYS be open and transparent
  • NEVER talk over you or cut you off
  • NEVER suggest something that isn’t in your best interest
  • NEVER lie or mislead

On a lighter note, we love to have a chat (and a laugh), and after many years in the industry, boy do we have some stories to tell!

In finishing…….

The agents at NOW Real Estate are here to help with your real estate needs and if you would like more information or would just like an informal chat, please feel free to contact us.

  • We are a Business of Integrity and have made a Total Commitment to Client Benefits.
  • We have the Negotiation Skills to achieve the Best Price and are committed To Telling the Truth at all Times.
  • We cast the widest net for Buyers with the internet & social media playing an important role.
  • We keep our Client's Affairs confidential and always remember that our Client has a Private Life.
  • We endeavour to make the sales process as stress free as possible.
  • Our No Risk Guarantee makes us the best choice for those wanting to sell properties in our region.
  • We use our experience to serve our clients best interests 7 days a week.
  • We now have a superior technology that assists us to report to our vendors on the progress in the sale of their home.
  • We are local people who have raised families and lived in the local area for many years. We work on the promise of “treat others how you would like to be treated”
  • We create “relationships"

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